Fee Calculator

In some Australian States and Territories, fees are calculated with reference to a unit value rather than a specified amount in dollars. A mechanism is included in the legislation to allow for the value of a fee unit (New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria) or a revenue unit (Northern Territory) to be automatically indexed each year. This indexation is in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). It is aimed at reducing the cost of manually adjusting fees each financial year.

Instead of navigating to the court or government department’s website to locate the fee summary table (if available) or dusting off your calculator to determine the fee, the LawCompare Fee Calculator does the hard work for you. This online ready reckoner identifies the fee unit value and then calculates the fee (in dollars).

Example: Fee for lodging review of Executive Director's refusal of nomination for the Heritage Register under the Heritage Regulations 2017 (Vic), reg 6.

1. Select the relevant jurisdiction, e.g. Victoria

2. Select the relevant period, e.g. 01/07/2021-30/06/2022

3. Enter the fee (in units), e.g. 25

The Fee Calculator identifies the unit value ($15.03), multiplies it by the fee (in units) and states that the fee (dollar amount) is $375.75.

Last Updated: 22 June 2021